ISAP2016 -International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation-

Visa Information

Participants requiring a visa should apply to the local embassy or consulate of Japan on their own responsibility as possible. Remember that, in some countries, it can take more than three months to get the visa.

*Visa Application

Generally, when applying for a visa, each applicant is requested to submit some documents. Each country has a different policy for visa application; therefore, the applicant should ask the Japanese Embassy in his or her home country if a visa is required and which documents are needed. The applicant should then inform the registration secretariat (E-mail: FAX: +81-98-869-4705) of the documents that are needed to apply for a visa. Please note that the applicant is required to make registration for ISAP2016. After confirming the applicant’s information, the secretariat will send a Reply Form for Visa Application to him or her directly.

It will take more than three months for the visa application procedure depending on the country.






























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