ISAP2016 -International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation-

IEICE Publications

The IEICE has planned two kinds of publications in conjunction with main topics of ISAP2016 as follows.

I. The IEICE Transactions on Communications entitled "Special Section on Recent Progress in Antennas and Propagation in Conjunction with Main Topics of ISAP2016" in February 2018. [IEICE Transaction Special Section]

  • For full papers
  • Typical number of pages: 8
  • Submission deadline: February 15th, 2017 (JST).

II. The IEICE Communications Express (ComEX) entitled “Special Cluster on Antennas and Propagation Technologies in Conjunction with Main Topics of ISAP2016” in June 2017. [IEICE ComEX Special Cluster ]

  • For letters
  • Maximum words: 1500, Maximum number of Figures and Tables: 3
  • Submission deadline
    • First deadline: December 8th, 2016 (JST)
    • Second deadline: January 18th, 2017 (JST)
  • CMA
  • REV
  • ECTI